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JULY 2020

Adam Turk has spoken of his sixth album project taking longer than thought, which is because of new ways of working and for his future projects he has assured us that he’ll have a clearer vision in his future project.

Adam Turk initially programmed the drums on his sixth album, but there were some technical problems, so he decided to re-record drums using a electronic drum kit.

Adam Turk is constructing a guitar instrumental album, which has been a project for sometime, but the amount of extra guitar and drums recorded and re-recorded during his sixth album sessions has meant that this will be completed next year.

MARCH 2020

Adam Turk has now completed the re-recording and overdubs to all of the ten songs for his new [sixth] album.

The next phase is to do the editing, mixing and then mastering, which by what we’ve heard in its raw audio form – ROCKS!

JUNE 2019

Adam Turk new music video – Breakout!